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Laxmi Memorial Hospital is Always at your side,promising the highest quality of medical care with a friendly environment and expert doctors. We Always do our best to ensure your treatment.

Our Service

We are committed to humane and sincere  in medical services, here all types of test are done by the latest technology machines and skilled medical staff. normal delivery and sigerian operation are done bye expert doctors and Available here Gyne and Obs- heart disease, rheumartism, diabetes, bone fractures, dermatology and venereology thretment by Specialized Doctors.

Our Facilities

24 Hrs Emergency Service

Qualified Diagnosis

Operation Theater

Specialist Dr Chamber

Gyne-General-Child- ward

Maternity Unit

Our Location

Modhu-Vabon, Mohamuni Bus-Station, Manikchari,Khagrachari

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+1 123 444 5678

Our service

Our Emergency Department is one of the best service including Minor Operation Theatre. We provide 24 hours service with specialized doctor and Physicians are available here.   

The operation theater of our hospital is equipped with modern surgical instruments and equipped systems to reduce the risk of post-operative infection

Our Child Ward is one of the best and well equipped in out service. Our Child Ward is a new service component of Laxmi Memorial Hospital. Child ward where your newborn will stay for days,

• Day and night Care • Birth Certificate • Mortuary Facility • Out door Service

• 24 hours emergency Service

• 24 hours Ambulance Service

Our labor ward is for women who want to give birth with the help of our obstetrician doctor and nurse services. Our labor ward is well equipped and most experienced

• Vaccination center
• Executive Health Check-up
• Safe Drinking Water
• Food Corner
• Breast Feeding Corner

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Why People Choose Us

Laxmi Memorial Hospital And  Diagnostic Centre is always at your side, promising the highest quality of medical care with a friendly environment and expert doctors and with us…

High Quality Lab

Our laboratory is managed by the Professor of Chittagong Medical College Hospital, the lab work here by of higher degree stuff, all the machineries here are of international par and are regularly QC tested. So you can trust the laboratory here 100%.

Precise Result

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DGHS Designated Hospital Management

Our hospital and diagnostics are approved by DGHS, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh and all management are done as per the rules of DGHS.

Qualified Staff

Qualified Professional Doctors and Qualified Staff an individual who is competent, whether by education, training, or experience, to make the particular decision at issue

Our Lab Certification

Lab Expert Team

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Md. Anowar Hossain


Our Instiution Billing department is human and conscientius enough to finalized bill ensure that our valued patient pay their within the limit bills prompty for finalization of bills.


Modhu Vabon, Mohamuni Bus-Station,Manikchari-Khagrachari

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